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Re: 4l80e compatibility with 4.8/5.3

If you want to use the stock (70 Pound) 310mm 4L80E converter, You will need a Flexplate, Crank Spacer, Crank Bolts, & 6 Converter bolts from a '99-'07 2500/2500HD/3500 truck that has a 6.0L/4L80E combination.

A "LS" 300mm 4L60E converter has a extended pilot hub & uses a "Dished" Flexplate with a metric converter bolt circle.

ALL stock 4L80E converters have the same pilot hub spacing as earlier Hydramatic transmissions, Uses a Crank Spacer & a "Flat" Flexplate, 11.50" converter bolt circle (Same as TH400).

Here is a 2005 2500HD VIN if you want/need to buy parts from the dealer......

If you want a lighter....More performance oriented converter, "Most" custom Converter builders can build one with a Extended Hub style 4L60E Cover to fit your "Dished" Flexplate. Circle D, Yank, Vigilante/Precision are some builders that can do this.
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