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Re: post your 67-72 4x4

Originally Posted by onlyifihadachevy View Post
Hey burt thats the same blazer as the one in my pic, it does have a corvette motor right?
Yes it is, he runs the drags down in Hollister area from time to time and the engine is a LS2. Our other buddy Kevin, owner of Pacific Fab in Morgan hill has a Alumin. Corvette ingine in it, it's not a first gen thou
It's the white one next to me:

This second pic I have posted before cuz I almost took RB, you can barley see me on the other side of him and Kevin "had trottle issues" in this run, basicly he got smoked buy a copule of first gens hehehehe guess I shouldn't talk smack if he's not here to defend himself but it's still fun hehehe

1972 K5 MPFI454/Sm465/Np205/D60/14FFd/Re-Centerd H1s w/Swamper Iroks
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