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Pic Request (an odd one): Bonanza Red Knit Vinyl interior trim (NRR1)

So, that's a Buckskin with the NRR1 red knit trim (RPO 71Y) that was available on Bonanzas. The pattern is as depicted below, just not those colors. Even if not in a Buckskin truck, looking for an overall shot of a red knit vinyl Bonanza interior - main goal is to see what the door panels, dash pad, and carpet look like. Am ASSUMING (dangerous, I know) a red dash pad and carpet with red or parchment door panels, but just don't recall ever seeing a red vinyl bonanza interior. It's in the data book, but only the color swatch, not the overall interior layout. Any help appreciated, thanks.

EDIT: Also, does anyone make Bonanza seat covers? Assuming not, but they are somewhat the Highlander follow on, so now that those are being produced, just curious. Usually not as much of a market for vinyl, most folk want cloth even if it means not going original (or so it seems).
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