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Re: LS Swap Electric Speedo face and template

Originally Posted by lutronjim View Post
Yes I am currently running a Dakota Digital box to drive the speedo. I have seen signs of it studdering lately and I am afraid it might be on the way out. It uses a wire marked for the speedo to get pulses.
Ok, so apparently that system does have a speedo output. I would check your install instructions and if it is putting out a 4000ppm signal like the older engines do, then it would work. As for what else you need other than my kit, depends on how much work you want to do. I include the face, the stencil for painting the numbers on the lens, and 2 paper templates for making the mounting plate and rear cover box. If you dont want to make those 2 parts, CaptainFab was making them at one time and may still have them, but you'd have to check with him to be sure. Other than that, you'll need an S10 speedo obviously, and sockets for the lights, a small LED for the high beam indicator and I usually put in a plug so the cluster can be unplugged to remove it when necessary. It's all laid out in detail in the electric speedo thread along with directions on how to do it.
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