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Make a circuit about fan speed controller

I am attempting to make a circuit of fan speed controller as my school extends. As the accompanying circuit appears:

The circuit is made up by a 12V DC fan speed controller utilizing LM2914CT which is delivered by Texas Instruments. According to the datasheet of P0080EBMCLRP1, it positive voltage controller includes the capacity to source 1A of yield current with a run of the mill dropout voltage of 0.5V and a most extreme of 1V over the whole temperature run. Furthermore, the LM2941CT is shielded from turn around battery establishments or two-battery bounced.

I am certain that the IC is reasonable for my venture. I likewise got the required yield on a breadboard, However, I neglected to get yield on PCB when the format is done on hawk programming; I figure I don't know to utilize the bird programming. So would anyone be able to please help me the format of this circuit?It will be of colossal offer assistance.

Thanks to anyone who replies!
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