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Originally Posted by Andy4639 View Post
How did you get to the end of the white wire under the metal part to solder it, is my question. The black wire is a easy job.

The white wire is a ground wire and there is actually a really small wire terminal end on it with a screw that holds it to the tach body from underneath. I just cut the White wire off at the end of the terminal, removed the small piece of heat shrink tubing from the terminal and soldered the new wire to the terminal stub. You may want to just leave an inch or so of the original White wire and solder them together. Just be sure and use heat shrink tubing over the solder joint. Like I mentioned in the thread above I have a special soldering iron with a very small tip but it still gets hot enough to solder the heavier joints. The reason the terminal stub is hard to solder is because it is so close the the heavy metal tach housing.

If a guy felt comfortable doing it you could remove the needle and the two screws that hold the face plate on. Then remove the screw that holds the White wire terminal to the housing and then solder the small terminal to the new white wire and put it all back together. I was a little worried about getting the needle back on the shaft correctly so I didn't do it that way..

I hope you can follow all of that.


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