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Re: Suburban A/C fix + Vintage Air?

I went and picked up the Rear AC from a Donor burb today. I think it was an 86, I picked it because it had grey interior pieces.

All went smoothly.

Note the long AC lines that run under the car

The first unit I looked at (and removed) was cracked, this one was in good shape:

Cover and side trim is in good shape ( I have some paint for it anyway )
Note the headliner cardboard, I grabbed this since its cut for the AC.
I also grabbed the blue headliner (mine is currently Grey)


There was a large gauge Purple wire connected to this ( condenser).
Can anyone confirm, but I think this is the "low/off/high" for the fan, right?

This is the combo switch for the rear window (top)
And Rear AC, hard to read but it says Lo OFF High

I have no idea what these wires go to, any wiring diagrams around?

Thoughts and questions:

1.) There is oil coming out of the lines... is that old refrigerant? I have read this should be cleaned out.
How should I clean it out? I have an air compressor, not sure what if anything I should spray in the lines.

2.) When I dropped the headliner I noticed that these things have NO insulation in the roof. No wonder it gets hot.
Anyone use that peel and stick sound/temp insulation stuff? I'm looking for a recommendation.
Seems like a no-brainer to insulate while I have the headliner down.

3.) I have read that these lines have o-rings that should be replaced and lubricated. Anyone have a source and some input on what to lubricate the o-rings with?

4.) when installing the rear cover, what else should I wire up there? Lights? Speakers? Disco ball?

Thanks for the help!

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