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REAR(Drum) brakes won't bleed

I recently put FRONT DISC brakes on my son's '63 Stepside.

My first problem was with the proportioning valve. The piston somehow got pushed back, and wouldn't allow fluid to the rear brakes. So, I did some research. I completely reassembled the proportioning valve and have it working properly. I know this because, I can disconnect the line from the valve the leads to the rear brakes and fluid shoots out under great pressure whenever the brakes are pumped. Yes, I have the little tool that goes in place of the sensor that stops the piston from moving while bleeding.

Now, for some reason that I can not understand. The REAR DRUM brakes won't bleed.

When I have my son pump the brakes they build pressure. Then whenever I open either if the REAR brake bleeder valves... NOTHING. He DOESN'T LOOSE ANY PEDAL AT ALL. If I have him pump the brakes NOTHING comes out. No air no fluid... NOTHING. And he still has good pedal.

This makes absolutely no sense to me.

I've traced the lines all the way back, no kinks at all. I took the bleeder valve completely out and inspected it. It's fine.

The rear brakes worked fine BEFORE this conversion.

It's obvious that for whatever reason the FRONT DISC brakes are building up pressure, thus the consistent good pedal.

Any ideas or suggestions? thanks
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