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Re: REAR(Drum) brakes won't bleed

had a similar issue with a customers truck, did front brake swap on 66, new booster, prop valve and lines. rears would not bleed at all, no air, fluid, etc.

it appears from the pics that you have new or near new lines on truck, what I did to pin point problem,

1. remove line for rear at prop valve, disconnect hardline to flexhose at differential, blow air thru to check to clogged line.

2, disconnect flexhose, both sides, blow air thru to check for obstructions

3. disconnect hardlines to rear wheel cylinders, blow air to check for obstructions

4. check wheel cylinders for movement

the truck I was working on would up having an obstruction in the flex hose. a piece of machining flash (I presume) from Disc/Drum prop valve got stuck in flex hose to rear.

worth checking out
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