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Re: Hard start question

Well I went back to the garage today and pulled out all 10 of my starters and compared them. I have one 3 bolt nose cone starter and 2 two bolt starters that bolt to the bell housing and those two are different in that one has a wide space between the two holes and the other is narrower between the holes. I don't have a clue what they went to but they are GM starters with the solenoid mounted on the starter.

I also have three staggered vertical mount nosecones and one of those is a steel cone and the other two are aluminum .

The rest are all the aluminum cones with the holes straight across like the ones in the pictures above.

I was able to swap the nose cones on any of the starter bodies so that means that you can change your nose cone mount to any style starter body. All of my starters are used so I kept them for cores in case I need to buy a new one. The parts are nice to have sometimes also.

If you don't mind buying foreign here's a web sight that a lot of the forum guys buy from and they have a good reputation.

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