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Re: Hard start question

Finally got a chance for an extended drive. About 30 minute drive, sit 5 minutes, then tried. Turned over slow and would not start. It better start cold when I get off work!

I think I've had it with this.

Opinions on these exhaust manifolds please? I'm hoping they won't have issues with the crossmember as my engine is in the v6 location. Also, will I have any problems driving with just these to the muffler shop?,94194.html

Will these work ok with my mid 70's engine? I'm guessing that my brackets for my a/c that go to the headers will have to be replaced?

I know that there are many good tips here like the mini starter and the nose cone, but it's February in south Florida, I want this thing to be reliable in July. Time to quit throwing money trying to make it all work when I know that the headers are the problem.

Thanx for all opinions and suggestions.

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