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Re: Hard start question

Originally Posted by geezer#99 View Post
No spark makes for free spinning.
No spark, no combustion!
Use a heavy duty toggle switch.

If well hidden it makes for a nice theft deterrent too.
arrr- got to thinking after I replied, duh, no spark, no kick. Went to edit and you already beat me to it. So now I look stupid.

I guess I could get it hot, and unplug the HEI power. If it spins free, I should be good?

I wonder if a relay would be better? Seems a little dicey having the main power going to a toggle switch?

This also got me thinking. Trying to remember, but I think I used the power from my old points ignition. I may not be getting 12v? But it runs, and pretty good at that. I'm wondering now if that could be contributing.

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