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Re: '69 c20 rescue kind ..... of.

Originally Posted by bollybib View Post
One step at a time, that's the best way. You'll get there, eventually.

This read like a poem to me.

Mine needed a new rear end seal and I decided it was worth it to remove the bed just for that. But when it was off I had good access to replace the exhaust system, the ujoints, shaft carrier, flex brake line, and clean everything up, too. And once it was running again it was fun to drive without the bed on for a while. It sure made things a lot easier with the bed off, it's sort of a poor man's frame off method.
i have my eye on this, but im going to do the fenders & engine bay first then the bed.
but really have to get on the road again.
i could drive the truck as is now.
the hitch that is not mentioned is i am not the only one who drives it.
so it has to be better than it would be if just for me.
i love every machine. even the ones i hate.

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