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Re: Chevy Sport Truck questions

Originally Posted by N2TRUX View Post
It had body color grill, and bumper. The side molding was black with a red stripe rather than chrome. It believe it had SS or 350 SS depending on the year. It had the same chrome wheels as the SS 454 as well. I almost bought a 90 back in 93. I wish I had, and put it up.
just a bowtie and the word "sport" in the same script and colors as the SS454 trucks.

as to the above mentioned 5 speed, with an auto option, i'd put money on it being the other way around. cant say ive ever seen a 5 speed sport, but the autos are the ones i see.

on another note... the 454 trucks got the TH400(1990) or 4L80E(1991+), and a 14 bolt semi floating 5 lug rear end (specific to this truck) where the Sports got the 8.5" 10 bolt, and a 700/4L60/4L60E
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