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Re: Crusty Rusty Leaky Squeaky 67 Step

OY, that's scary when Momma goes wobbly! Glad she's better!

Teeitup, Ron Manes and Bob may have a good support. I've gotta come see the floor deal. On the one hand it looks mega-sketchy, on the other, it solves a ton of problems at one whack.

The Grain Valley blaster is a good cat. Young guy, comes from a family of hotrodders and will give you exactly what you request at a good price. The paint store cats know his dad and have yet to hear a bad review. There're always car parts there whenever I go, must be a good sign.

I think it'd be cool to see what you can make out of used stuff, kind of as a point. Except of course for the floor, let's not be silly. Have fun with it, call me or Dad if you need a pair of hands.
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