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Re: Front brake caliper orientation

Originally Posted by dsraven View Post
check out the one man bleeder, time and wife saver. the less they see inside your shop the better, haha.
hose goes into container with brake fluid in it so hose sits on bottom of the container, other end of hose fits snuggly over the bleeder screw. put some fluid in the container so the hose is covered, say 1/2" deep. open the screw and pump the brakes slowly yourself. clear tubing works the best because you can see if there are bubbles in the line still. don't open the bleeder screw too much or it can/will suck air in around the bleeder screw threads.
you tube it. works great. you can make one with an old soda bottle. the lid needs to have a vent though as well as the hole the tube goes into.
I use an old soda bottle also
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