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N203 Slop

i took the TC out of my K20 to rebuild the trans. im debating on rebuilding the 203 since it's out and i have no idea what shape it's in. all i know is that it's got a part-time kit in it, other than that, i've only put about 100 miles on the truck since i bought it and that was in rwd. so, the first thing im looking at before i tear into it is the slop between the shafts. between the input and rear output shafts it seems pretty tight - about 5* of play. between the input and front output shafts there is a lot more - like 28* of play (a little more than 1/16 of a turn. ) does this seem excessive? if i need to replace the chain, i'd consider a 205 swap. but if this is an acceptable amount of play, then i'll go ahead with the rebuild. any thoughts/advice is appreciated. - mark
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