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Re: N203 Slop

Andy, i did not know that you could shorten a stretched chain - do you have any (web) links for that procedure? (no pun intended). i guess my next question is how much play should there be with a serviceable chain? also, what are other causes of slop in the case - such as worn sliding clutch gear or differential carrier teeth? does the range box ever produce slop - its all gears, right? the play between my shafts is the same in both high and low, so i presume thats not the problem. how about the part-time kit locking tabs, do they wear out? also, how much does endplay result in sloppiness? i cant imagine a few 100ths of an inch of endplay causing more than 25* of slop between the input and front output shafts. again, thanks for any insight.- mark
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