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Re: Driveway leaf spring replacement

Doing all 4? For the front, get the front end in the air and jack stands under the frame just behind the leaf spring. get the tires off and remove the calipers and hang the calipers out of the way and don't let the hose get under tension. Use your jacks to support the axle, remove the u-bolts and lower the jacks to separate the axle from the springs. You can do one side at a time, if you remove both at the same time watch the axle as it might want to roll/twist because of the third member. Keep an eye on the draglink connecting the gearbox to the steering arm, you should not need to brake loose unless you are lifting the front and need a new pitman arm or steering arm. Now you can remove the bolts holding the spring on. Installation is the reverse, except do not tighten the leaf spring bolts until you have weight on the springs, i.e. put the bolt in and nut on but tighten after the spring has the load of the truck. If you have a sway bar, it will only be an issue if you are putting on lift springs, you can take it loose from the spring pads.

For the rear, do the same, except watch the one rubber line for the rear brakes, it should have enough slack, if not you can brake it's mount loose and let the hard line bend a little. Do the same with the new springs, tighten after the springs have the vehicle weight on them.
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