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Re: I'm legit again, my "new" '68 LB

Originally Posted by '68OrangeSunshine View Post
Hi Kurt, Are those vintage Ariz. plates on your rig?
YES! Sharp eye sir. That was on the car I grew up with. I have also put the Historical plate on, saves money besides being cool copper.

I started making parts today, and digging into what else needs to be fixed. The hood trampolined while driving, so put a support in. Made a gas pedal. Took out the junk heater control, the pot metal levers were the achilles heel of these trucks, weren't they? Need to get the rear wiring harness, one taillight bulb sort of worked when I started twisting it, then couldn't continue, discovered the plastic keeper things were broken, then I looked underneath at all the splices and bare wire. More rust than I care to see under the cab, but the seller said it had bad areas. Figuring out what oil seals are needed for the engine is next.
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