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Re: S10 Swap how to

Originally Posted by joedoh View Post
awesome news! glad to hear it chris

Mains52, I have hung a motor and trans in the hole using a cherry picker, jacks, and holding my tongue right to weld in mounts. level the frame first, then level the motor 4 degrees down towards the rear. keep a little offset to the passenger side (use the oval holes on the top of the s10 frame to the cast line on your trans) and keep the motor straight in the frame. by the time you set everything where it needs to be, you can tack in your mounts.
that seems like a lot of work. i just use a chunk of 2x4 betweenthe oil pan and crossmember and a jackstand under the tailshaft.

if anyone is interested one of my builds is for sale in kc. he's asking 10k, and in my opinion it's well worth it. it is a 52 gmc on an s10 chassis with a 4.3/700 and a disk brake camaro rear. it is currently titled and licensed. this is literally a turn key truck, and you know i build 'em right! here's a link to the build pics i'll post a current pic and his # as soon as i get them,
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