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Re: S10 Swap how to

As always, thanks for the post JoeDoh. Not sure I could have made it this far without your responses. Funny now that I have the S10 blown apart and I look at your Booger build thread, everything makes sense and looks right. I must be learning something! Any chance you have a picture of the V6 motor mounts? Do I just build an adapter plate with an 8.5" offset or is there more to it?

I'm finding myself with more and more questions simply because I am planning a few steps ahead and working on steps I know I'm good with. Obviously blowing apart the truck wasn't terribly difficult, but I didn't want to damage anything I wanted in the future. Looking ahead, I have to start thinking about what gets fabricated first, what I need to fit back on first, etc.

Just have the passenger side electrical and ECU to take out and the cab can come off.
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