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Re: Name that bolt/nut/screw size

Originally Posted by Dale99 View Post
I looked up, it would be 5/16 threads on gravel guards.
Yeah that's the "normal" standard. 1/4" bolts have a 7/16" head and nut, 3/8" bolts have a 9/16" and a 7/16 bolt has a 5/8". There are possible variations like those 12 point hood latch bolts but these are normal I.D. for buying bolts.

Originally Posted by Dale99 View Post
Hatch handle screw is #8-1.25"
Instead of "tapered" those screws would be called "countersunk" I have an unmolested '70 Jimmy partially tore apart that may provide some info you are wanting on this thread.

The rear seat hold down bolts are a 7/16" fine thread, as well as the seat belt bolts front, rear and the threaded holes in the roof where a shoulder harness was possible.

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