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Re: 52 pickup door panel (interior)

Forgot to mention, to sand the arm rest, to remove shine from fiberglass, so glue will stick to arm rest.

Pic 1 Arm and material sprayed with glue, now roll material up onto the arm rest.

Pic 2 Here's back side, glue on arm rest and material, ready to come together as before.

Pic 3 This show the excess material that needs to be pulled. I'm working out the wrinkles. It's hard to get them all out with this material, because of how thick it is. A different vinyl would maybe easier.

Pic 4 Not a good pic, but you get the ideal of how it looks, after pulling and pulling material. Sometimes you can't get out all the wrinkles, just do the best you can. If you don't think you want to try, you could always paint them.

Pic 5 Finished driver panel.
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