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Re: Pics of the long distance project...

I got a few things to adjust/fix/want.

*drivers window will not got up and down all the way (power window motor)
*a/c (maybe vintage air or something?)
*floor mats
*better headlights (tri-bars??)
*headlight switch (works but has a short, gotta wiggle it for dash lights)
*windshield wiper motor (motor I have now works but I want 2 speeds)
*a fancy gas pedal (the big foot, maybe)
*electric fan (pusher or puller) that runs faster as the engine gets hotter?
*custom headers with cutouts (just for fun)
*some exhaust tips from a chevy dealer
*new dashboard with new gauges

*new fuel cell built and places rear of the rearend between the frame-rails

Hell I dont know what else.... Money will tell...
stone sends...

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