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Re: The "In over my head" build thread

Been keeping busy on some small tasks with the end goal of undercoating and getting the body back on the frame by Spring.

So with that in mind I started finishing things off on the Chassis that is essentially 95% done. I had my stock tank boiled out and lined because I was not happy at all with poly plastic tank - it's for sale if anyone is interested

Also no one reproduces the rubber isolators that go under the tank straps and the tank flange so I've got some 1/8" sheet rubber coming and I will copy the original rubbers.

Then I need to get the fuel lines finished off. Hard lines are in, just the rubber hose connections need to be put on.

Then I turned back to getting the body ready for undercoating. I cut out the all the rust spots on the bed floor and will be patching in scavenged '68 long bed patches soon.

Pics of the holes I cut in the floor - 5 spots in total were cut out. This is my first attempt at rust repair but I'm excited to learn. What's the worst that can happen?

Rear tail gate area - both sides are like this.
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Crossmember was toast also but I will patch that also.
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3 of the 4 wheel tub corners look like this, but this one was the worst one.
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I'll prep the patches soon and get these checked off my list.

I am also stealing this "punch list" idea from the infamous "Low Buck Junkyard Build" - So here goes:

  • Repair wheel tub / bed floor rust
  • Repair drilled hole in firewall by PO
  • Cut larger firewall fuse panel hole for AAW kit
  • Dress body bolt areas (Left over tack welds)
  • Clean & Prep underside of Tub
  • Spray some kind of rust converter in areas not accessible to be prep'd and primed
  • Spray Epoxy Primer/Undercoat/Bedline

  • Cut and install tank rubber isolators
  • Hook up all gas lines
  • Install Transmission cooler lines
  • Install new starter bolts
  • Torque engine mount bolts
  • Install front axle breather
  • Install Thermostat
  • Install Radiator hose clamps
  • Install BTO TV cable setup
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