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Re: "Project S" - My boy Sam's '72 2wd Blazer -The Red Sled

Check it out! A heat gun running on high - pointing in a used fuel tank! Run for the hills! Ok, so I saw this on YouTube so it must be safe right?

Actually this is late in the process, so I’ll explain. I cleaned the tank, pressure washed it and then acetone dried it. It cleaned out the old fuel gunk, but left a lot of flaking rust. So my dad told me about a show on tv where they put bolts and nuts in a tank and moved it around a lot and it removed the rust. I was skeptical so I looked it up. After watching a YouTube video I went with the redneck mentality of “how much could it hurt it?” Well... I guess not much, so this morning I gave it a shot. It actually worked great! I used large bolts and worked them around in the tank for 30-45 minutes. I then flushed it again with water to remove most of the sediment. Now I am drying with a heat gun. Which is why I figure it’s safe. The solvents have been removed at this point.

Wish I could’ve gotten a pic of the interior before and after but the before came out lousy. So, the best pic I can get you is a tank and a heat gun.
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