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Re: Project Checkbook - 1971 Jimmy Custom

After four months of inactivity due to shop issues I am back among the living and this has been a big week.

Having been infected by an expensive and incurable disease known as "undercarriage envy" by the vector known here as Iron Canine I've decided to take it all-the-way as Howard Cosell used to say. This week the tub came off the frame for a frame-off makeover. Here are a couple of pictures of the frame, which looks very solid.

I'm not planning to go to the incredible place IC went on the frame components. Since my truck came from a dry climate (NM/TX), the springs, spring shackles and bolts and other frame and suspension components aren't corroded enough to have to remove and replace. I'm going to have the frame and suspension media blasted and painted satin black. There is U-POL Raptor undercoating on the frame and I don't like it so that will be replaced with POR 15. Same thing for the T-case and gas tank skid plates.
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