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DaddyJeep Hauler II - 04 Crew Cab 1500

So I picked up another truck for next to nothing. Of course it has an issue or 2, but for $800 I felt that i did OK. Of course it has a little rust. I do live in PA after all. The frame is broken on the passengers' side. It is where they all break on trucks that live in the rust belt. It has 240K on it, but everything feels solid and doesn't make funny noises or leave puddles. Factory towing package, 3.73's, locking rear diff, of course 5.3.

The frame.

I never liked the "Cat eye" front ends. Since both fenders are junk anyway I plan on doing a whole front clip swap to the 99-02 style front end. My local yard has a couple that are in good shape. Then, when I sell my other truck I will find me a southern bed and make it all one color again.

The new front end.

85 K30 crew cab dually - Project
87 Wrangler Rock Crawler - Reason for the project
04 1500 crew cab

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