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Re: DaddyJeep Hauler II - 04 Crew Cab 1500

The frame is fixed. I got it aligned back up and welded the top and bottom to hold everything in place.

The middle was pretty thin so I cut it out and made a piece to fit out of some 1/8" plate.

I then ground down my welds as well as the welds from the previous repair.

I got some 4" x 1/8" bar stock and made a full length reinforcement from the factory weld in the front to just before the rear spring hanger. I cut out a diamond in the middle. That and the cut out for the cross member increase the weld area by quite a bit. I don't think this will crack on me for another 20 years.

When I pull the bed I will most likely add some more steel just to make sure I never have any issues.
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