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Re: DaddyJeep Hauler II - 04 Crew Cab 1500

I found a couple more spots on the frame that needed a little attention. Also, the gas tank was one pot hole Away from falling right on the road. One strap was already broken and the other I was afraid to touch for fear the tank would drop on me. I ratchet strapped it in until my new straps arrive. The remaining strap broke with the first click of the ratchet strap. I had it up on the lift this time so I could really look things over. Over all I feel pretty good ab out everything under there. The main rear brake line will get replaced here shortly. All of the brakes are new, front shocks are new, as well as one of the upper control arms. I think I will replace the other one and get it aligned. While I was under there I chopped off the huge factory muffler, factory style at least, and replaced it with a spare Flowmaster I had laying around. It sounds so much better.
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