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Re: DaddyJeep Hauler II - 04 Crew Cab 1500

Originally Posted by Palf70Step View Post
That rot is what I do NOT miss from growing up in PA. Nice work on getting ti stabilized.
Thanks.... It is what we have to deal with here. People on the internet scoff at repairs like this, but they don't understand what we deal with here. We can't just scrap them all when they get rusty.

Anyway, I had a busy weekend getting the front end conversion done. The new fenders needed a little work so it look all day Saturday to get it done. I had to rebuild the inner fender where the PDC sits on the drivers' side. The outside of the DS fender was rust free, but had a small dent. I went ahead and added a little filler and painted that fender with some rattle can white and painted the salvaged fender flare with satin black. I could have done a better job, but for this truck it will be just fine. The 04 bumper does not fit well with the older grill, but it will have to do for now. At some point I would like to build a custom bumper just because it is fun to do. On with the pics...

Will you look at that.... I got my kid to help a little.

New fender... still blue

New fender after paint

All buttoned up. Obviously I have a little more painting to do. I have a spot to fix on the passengers' side fender before I do that.

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