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Re: DaddyJeep Hauler II - 04 Crew Cab 1500

Well, that rendering will never happen. I have decided not to "build" this truck. I am going to continue the Square Body build instead. I have been just using the truck. It really does a great job towing the Jeep, well it did anyway. About a month ago it lost oil pressure and left me stranded two hours from home. I finally got around to fixing it over the weekend. I put in that $3 O ring on the pick up tube. It took a few hours, but really wasn't a bad job. While I was at it I thought it made sense to fix a couple gauges, most importantly, the oil pressure gauge. A while back I bought one of those stepper motor kits off Amazon. It was easier than I anticipated and within a half hour I had functioning gauges again. Now it's ready to hook up the trailer and drag the Jeep to Southington Off Road Park this weekend.
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