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Re: What did you do WITH your truck today?

MAN!! ive got to re learn to post ics. Picked up my 65 cab and body runing gear. I kept the bed to try and straighten out and do wood.two 36in 3/4 ply all cut out for rear corners and fenders. that came out so so.New trips painted red about 1/3 in to anchor everything to. f..d up an little and have 1/2 gap sown middle and will fil with about 2in of something. short story long. bought it
$o1000 in apri.l. running ok 283 with 3 on tree. Body rough OR rAT rOD READY. first thing lower it. a i could find to do was pay $699 for Performance something for complete kit if I waned 21/2 drop spindles. w all tie rod ends etc $699. Test drove today, think it ill be ok but ALOT of cipper washers used and abused to stop all leaks. Today. felt good. But the guy newver test drove??. just bad luck had one valve cover REA::Y leaking and old piece of tape blew off heater hose and sprayed. Water/ anti frez. 275/60 on 8x15 fwont work on front. Mabe doen to 245. Less than 1mi on tires so no prob exchange, I really want to send pics. You can see i use to but my hand directions from friend stopped woriing. Doing thePhoto Bucket thing. Any one want to give tiiips onPhoto Bucket? And thanks to timmitim3 for site info
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Leaf flip, cut coils. Make do tires and wheels for now. Slip ahead a year? Sold GMC, bought Harley, got all obsessed doing the biker thing, now starting again w 65 SWB, 283,2bbl, 3 on tree.
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