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which harness do i need? help please....

i am restoring a 78 blazer (2 wheel drive) and i have added electric doors, steering column, and the front end sheet metal,headlights, ect. from a 85 blazer. i have a dash harness from the 85 that will plug into the 85 headlight harness ...but dont want all the computer stuff, like ecm anti knock ... ecm, ect.
so? do i need a 85 dash harness and eliminate all the extra stuff? or buy a 78 harness and add the electric door harness and ?? will the 85 column plug n play with the 78 harness . H E L P please....

in other words i need a harness that will work in my 78 blazer but will accommodate the 85 steering column, front headlights, power doors off a 85 blazer. thx,dave
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