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Re: My First C10 (72' fleetside) - 2,100mi drive home - Photos

Originally Posted by RainH2O View Post
Wow very nice truck! thought I would look you up since I saw all your pictures from the the C10 meet up hopefully will meet you at the next meet up!
Thanks! For sure.

Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
Great adventure! That's how to bond with a new truck. Great truck too for that matter.

Will look awesome dropped. But please, no 20's.... Get some 17's or 18's with some sidewall. The truck and I thank you!

Look forward to more pics of this truck in the future.
Thanks. I'm rocking the stock rallys for now. If I change rims, they'll be 18's with a tall sidewall. I've lowered it now. Photos below.

Originally Posted by cigar- View Post
I know it's a year and a half down the road but....

....NICE truck!! I know what it's like on that road and the drive can be great....or boring. Either way you must have fun since you were driving your new truck, which is a beauty. I hope you're enjoying it often.
Thanks. I am having a lot of fun adding my own small touches (seat cover, lowering) and basically driving it as much as I can.

Originally Posted by no1udknow View Post
What a great way to enjoy your truck. I love seeing people drive their trucks rather than treating them like trailer queens. Kudos, and beautiful truck.
Thanks. I don't mind using it as a truck where I can (without scratching the paint), carrying my mtn bike, a home depot run, etc. Way more fun to drive then just look at.

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