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Re: 99 K1500 Suburban no high speed ac fan

I'm having trouble reading the diagram, am I correct the Orange wire is the high speed wire?

I've done countless repairs since buying this in 2005 and can't remember everything I did and what was done prior, but I'll take credit...good/bad. That said it appears the tabs broke on the control module fan speed selector and I epoxied it back in place. It also seems the plug was replaced as it is spliced. The wires are heat shrank together and since I think I did the repair I would have soldered the wires. Maybe there is an open in them and thus no current. I'll try to check that.

The other fun part is when I search this control unit, the compatible list does not include my truck yet this is what's in there. Maybe that's why I have yet to replace it. Maybe I'll check salvage for a cheap donor.
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