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While I was waiting on the new heat riser valve to show up, I pulled the engine out of the Dakota. My best friend came over and helped me pull it the day before Spring semester of senior year started. It only took us about 6 hours to pull it because we didn't know what we were doing Thankfully, all twenty sausages were unharmed. I had already gotten all the accessories off the engine while the truck was still in the garage. All we had to do that day was unbolt the trans, exhaust, and engine mounts. Didn't realize for about an hour that there are bolts from the flexplate to the torque converter. Thankfully, nothing got bent in the process. The v6 Magnum engine had been cooked at least two times by my grandpa, and the third time by me finally killed it.

Got the exhaust system back together on the c10, and started driving it a little again. It was still cold, and it took forever to warm up, and on top of that, it would still fast idle almost the entire 30 to 45 minute drive to school, so I didn't drive it that much. I also developed a coolant leak from the radiator. I didn't want to have a repeat of the Dakota, so I pulled the radiator and started doing some research on how to fix it.

While waiting on the radiator I also picked up some Regular Car Reviews merch, and a Black Widow Exhaust Venom 250.
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