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For a long time, the speedometer was bouncing back and forth. I had unplugged the cable from the back of the cluster because the bouncing was annoying me. I decided to plug it back in and see what I needed to do to fix it. I replaced the speedo cable, but it didn't stop the bouncing. It ended up being the odometer. The odometer stopped spinning which kept the speedo from reading steady. I pulled the odometer out so that my speedometer would still work. I still haven't replaced the odometer, but it wasn't accurate anyways. The speedometer reads about 10 mph slow, I think.

The pull cord for my buddy's go kart broke. I decided to help him out and fix it, so then I kept it for a couple of days and terrorized the neighborhood for a few days. They had cut the muffler off, because why not

The next thing was trying to track down some steering slop. When I did the disc brake kit, it didn't come with idler and pitman arms. After driving the truck for almost a year, we finally replaced the idler and pitman arms. It tightened up the slop some, but the majority of it is in the steering gear box. It isn't too bad though, just takes some getting used to after driving stuff with no slop.

My mechanical engineering class in high school built a telescope as our senior project. It turned out really well, and it was really cool seeing the moon up close through something I helped build.
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