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Re: Installing junction box for battery needed connections

Originally Posted by focusedontheprize View Post
So question on this. If you were to run this, how would you know what fuses to run? It is an interesting setup.
For fuses, I aim for about 1.5-2 times what I expect the circuit to draw. All simple electronics, no microchips, so I'm not worried about frying anything. I really like the fuse block so I don't need to run a bunch of inline fuses. I have a bunch of circuit breakers in there, which normally do not fit cleanly in fuse holders.

Currently connected to my fuse block:
low beam relay: 2x 35 watt = ~6 amps => 10 amp fuse
High beam relay: 2x 55watt = ~9 amps => 20 amp fuse
Fog Light relay: 2x 55watt = ~9 amps => 20 amp fuse
Factory in cab fuse block: 30 amps. Kind of a guess. Biggest fuse in the fuse block is 20A. I should probably see how much I actually draw with the HVAC fan and wipers on.
Ammeter: 5A - That's what was there before.
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