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Re: My First C10 (72' fleetside) - 2,100mi drive home - Photos

Originally Posted by nasqar View Post
What a beautiful truck brother!! That is a great way to start out with your new truck. I hope to see more pics on here. Are you gonna leave it stock or ya gonna slam it or other plans?????
I'm about to install a 4/6" drop. I was considering the American racing saltflats in 20's but I'll stick with the stock rollers for now since I like 'em any way. Some headers, 2.5" exhaust, mufflers and turndowns behind the rear axel are my next plans. Nothing too crazy. I use this to shuttle my mtn bike to the trail head and drive to work sometimes so it's not a show queen.

Originally Posted by knomadd View Post
Welcome from
Rosenberg! That's a beautiful truck you've got. I bet you enjoyed the trip back from Cali! I moved here from Oregon back in 2007 and took a couple extra days on my way down here to enjoy the country. That was an awesome trip. I bet you had more fun than I did.
Thanks for the welcome, local.

Originally Posted by HSRACER View Post
Very nice truck and a great experience for you and your friend. If you would like a shorter road trip experience, drive her over to Katy TX and have a beverage at my house. I have a couple of hotrods and would like to meet people that share the same passion for trucks!
Thanks for the generous invitation.

Originally Posted by fastnotch89 View Post
Super nice truck...and I like the jet stream blue c6
Yea, that's my road course/drag race/piss the neighbors off loud Z06. 11.39 at 124 so far with CAI and catback. Love these cars.

Originally Posted by 67ChevyRedneck View Post
Cool story and great truck! Did you ever have to use that gas can in the bed?
No, fortunately. But, it did scuff the bed a little over the length of the trip. Stupid me.

Originally Posted by Sammy View Post
Pretty gutsy buying long distance and driving that type of distance on word of mouth as dependable. Glad it worked out for you and didn't leave you with a horror story to tell us. No doubt my luck would have left me stranded 30 miles from civilization and a huge tow or repair in a not so friendly to strangers part of town.
As far as the spray film you tried..I think 3M makes a protective tape they use on the newer vehicles on their rocker panels n lower doors. Should be available at most of your auto paint retailers. Could be an alternative solution.
The risk was part of the fun. I signed up for AMA just before the trip. There were plenty of parts of the drive we had no cell reception, but there were usually boarder patrol guards around in those areas. I'd love to do a similar trip again.
Thanks for the tip about the 3M alternative.
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