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Re: My First C10 (72' fleetside) - 2,100mi drive home - Photos

Update: I moved back home to Canada (Calgary) from Houston, after 4 awesome years in the USA.

My Canadian buddy also living in Houston (ex coworker) was also planning to move back to Canada, so we each rented the biggest UHaul trucks we could, sold each of our houses, and towed 2 of my cars (C10, Z06) up to Canada. We each flew down a friend to co-drive. Our call signs were Idaho (my buddy) and my UHaul was Sea-Cow because it was slow and felt overloaded.

It was quite a trip.

We were all ready, up bright and early to get some miles under out belt. However, our UHaul would not start. 6 hours later, it was running after a mechanic replaced the starter on the engine, and a flat tire. Finally hitting the road with our 2 UHauls, we made it 200 miles before the transmission on our 2nd Uhaul overheated and stopped working. 2 hours later, a mechanic showed up, did not know what the problem was but the transmission had cooled down and we were able to limp both trucks to a town with a hotel.

Making preparations. Loading up the vette. I actually like these UHaul trailers. Built some wooden risers to let the bumper clear the front of the trailer.

The morning we were trying to leave. Dead starter right as we were about the start the trip.

Discovering it was not a dead battery.

A couple hrs, later waiting for a mechanic to fix the trans.

There was not enough room in the UHaul.

After letting the trans cool and limping to a town. Waiting for it to cool again before driving 1/2 mile to a hotel.

The next morning we got up, the air was cool and we managed 150 miles before the transmission in the 2nd truck overheated and quit again. Now we were stuck in a little town called Quanah, TX feeling the 100F heat. Uhaul agree to send another mechanic (2hrs away).

This is us waiting for the UHaul mechanic in Quanah. It was hot.

Not surprisingly, this new mechanic also couldn't find a solution. At this point, we've been fighting with UHaul to send us a replacement truck. They finally agreed, and said they'd have one to us the next day, to Quanah. So, we had a second night to spend there, waiting. So, we first tried turning the key on the trip at 6am the day prior. So far, we'd only knocked off 350 miles into our 2,300 mile trip. We were still in Texas haha.

The next morning, we decided to unload all the contents from the broken UHaul ourselves, into our hotel parking lot. This way, when the replacement truck arrived, we could load it and get on our way.

Little did we know, some of the 2,600 total population of Quanah thought we were having a yard sale, so they pulled in and starting looking through my buddy's items and asking about prices. There were at least 4 trucks that stopped in this way while we were waiting for the new UHaul to show up.

We made our own fun. My co-driver shown.

The new UHaul showed up, we got it loaded and the rest of the trip was super smooth.


In Canada

Celebration in Canada.

A map of our memories from the trip

I Racewrapped both cars for the trip. Still, a lot of dust got in, although the paint is great.

Cleaned up

A photo with mine + my Dad's 71 big block.

And that's my trip home! I'm living in a condo in Calgary, downtown so the truck is in a heated parking garage downstairs (with a car wash!). It'll be hibernating for the winter.
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