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Re: Steering wobble and pull

Thank you. Yeah I need to setup my footer with truck information. It's a 1972 k5 4wd. I've had it for almost a year now put maybe 8000 miles on it since ive had it. Solid truck. New motor at purchase and have had next to no issues since I've had it. Runs smooth, drives straight, brakes straight. And yes. I don't usually rUn 4wd on pavement. It was more of a ... a tried shifting into 4wd from the cab and all symposium went away so I got out and locked the hubs. It was a little sloppy yesterday with some snow on the road so I didn't feel too bad about it and only drove about a mile to see how it would behave. And I've driven it enough in 4wd to know that it was actually in 4wd. Then disengaged the 4wd from the cab and left the hubs locked and still had zero symptoms. Really a night and day difference.
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