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Setting up my new 40'x30' building?

Lived on acreage years ago, then moved in the city. Wife and I have a contract on a nice house / acreage with a wonderful 40'x30' steel building. It's on 3 acres. We close in August...can't wait to move in!

Building is tall, I think 16', concrete floor throughout, but has no power. I've already talked to electricians and will be running 220 out there.

I am absolutely STOKED! Will be used to store a few toys (two Polaris ATV's), my 1972 Chevy K-20 4x4, lawn mower(s), and my hunting stuff (decoys, layout blinds, tree stands, etc.), two kayaks, did I mention decoys??? : ) I will have room to store my fishing boat out back of the building. It seems HUGE right now, but I know it will fill up fast with all my stuff.

Here is what I'm bringing from current house:
- 220v 60 gallon air compressor
- 220v MIG welder
- engine hoist / engine stand
- power washer
- all my tools / paint guns / decoys / bikes / hunting stuff / etc.

Future plans:
- run 220v to the building, wire the whole damn thing
- run CAT-6 ether to the building for wired internet access (have a dedicated shop laptop)
- build a nice, long workbench like I have in my garage now
- cabinets to store tools, etc.
- Shop will be used for storage and projects.
- I plan to restore my K-20 at some point in time.
- I've thought about adding a window on the north side to maybe get some airflow through there. Doors face South-west.
- Plan on putting down some rock in front of building and making a pseudo road to front of property (building my own little rock road...does that make sense...)

Suggestions for things to do / not do in a building this size?
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