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Re: Setting up my new 40'x30' building?

use one 4 foot deep ditch: water at 4', power at 3' and ethernet and spare conduit at 1'
"spare conduit" the difference between 1" and 2" pvc conduit is minimal; use 2"

i use a yagi antennae with a router rooted with dd-wrt to get wifi in my shop
has worked well for the past 8 years for streaming music and general wifi
since i do a lot of wifi setup for neighbors, i can pickup wifi from all my neighbors too

this may not work for you but i have a 20x30 shop space that is sheetrocked, insulated and heated all winter
i didn't want to heat the whole 50x50 2 story uninsulated barn
all the woodworking and mechanics tools are kept in the heated shop
i have a sink and water in my shop, plus it's nice to walk into a heated shop
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