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Re: Shucks First Build

Finally got a guy from work to bring the rollback to my house and get the truck from its grave and bring it into the shop. Snagged a set of free rallies and tires and it already looks 2x better, just gets me more and more motivated to finish it. Last weekend I bought a stepside bed for the truck for 300 bucks. Came with new wood and a tailgate, which I didnt have in the first place. I thought it was a good deal.
So today I got the truck in, put the new wheels and tires on, got the front clip off, and the body mounts off, the cab should come off tomorrow.

I also had to run long tubes because the shorties hit the motor mounts, it was a straight across trade to a guy for the long tubes so I said, "Sure!" Even though they aren't the prettiest things in the world.

Now since its in the shop, updates will come more frequently!
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