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Smile Re: Question for the purists

Originally Posted by CG View Post
I was thinking, how bout if you have a new SPID made, like I said because the old one is hypothetically gone. You put an asterisk next to any factory options you added but weren't original to the truck. Down below you could have the little asterisk symbol and have a line that says something like *Not Original To This Truck. Or something along those lines. SPID would look cool, nice and new along with the rest of the truck and no deception.
These trucks have been popular and sought after since new. A lot of the parts will easily swap out with no evidence and has been done through the past 45 plus years. How would you know if it was a added option if the original SPID was gone? Then on the other hand, GM dealerships may have swapped the parts to make a sell, causing a SPID not to match anyway. I just witnessed this on a new truck I purchased recently.
I do keep the original glove box lid with SPIDs set aside for my builds that get new SPIDs. If it doesn't have the original SPID, then the value should drop. My original SPIDs are readily available and offered to any potential buyer to look at when I'm selling. I don't care telling the truth and I'll explain why. I myself prefer the K models, GM didn't make many 4x4's during these years especially high optioned ones. In the 500 mile radius around me, I've only found one true factory high optioned 4x4 truck in the past thirty five years of buying/restoring 68-72 4x4's. It had been brought in from the west coast and was a "left for dead" theft recovered one. It was missing the 350V8 engine, factory buckets/console, tilt and tach dash (stolen). I'm sure those parts ended up in someone's 2WD Super Cheyenne build somewhere years ago. Obviously they wasn't building a 4x4, because of all those awesome factory 4WD parts were still in place. With that being said, the purist in me is okay with taking a factory 68-72 K series (4x4) truck, restoring it back with some added factory correct options, using factory year correct OEM parts then add matching SPID. If it's done correctly, your parts store will never know the differ.

I know there are people that will argue my opinion on here and that's okay, I get it and understand their side too. I just enjoying building them with those hard to find factory options, then driving and enjoying! No need to lie or be misleading, buyers are there for them all! These trucks are loved in any shape or form!!
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