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Re: Question for the purists

Well, I’m gonna split hairs. As much as I hate to admit it, I guess I’m a purist - or, maybe more appropriately, I’ve become one. If I had a no-kidding rare gem. I’d restore it to what the SPID actually states it was born with, without any additions. That would be a very uncommon thing, like say a 72 C10 SWB Super that had every option available except AM/FM. In THAT very rare instance, I wouldn’t add a factory AM/FM to it.

In the other 99.99% of the cases, I think factory available options that were available in YOM are about the coolest things one can add to trucks like these. In my 72 Custom Camper Highlander, I’ve indeed added some things that were available in 72 that the truck wasn’t born with. Yes, add buckets, AM/FM, tilt, etc. add whatever you like! All good.

Personally, I don’t change the SPID though. It is just a sticker and doesn’t mean much except in Case 1 above when it comes to resale, so I don’t really see a reason to alter it either - once altered, there’s no way to know (buyer) or prove (seller) what’s been added (if that matters to someone). I’d keep the original gb door at a minimum if I did - that is a good plan. But, if there’s no build sheet - that original SPID is the only record of what it came with, and when it comes to selling it - it simply doesn’t matter what you KNOW about the truck because you bought it new, for instance - all that matters is what you can prove. And in Case 2, folks will see the factory additions for what they are worth and appreciate that they were added in most cases.

And keep in mind that we, here, make up the very small minority of the truck buying world that actually even know what a SPID is or what options were available in what years. That’s my 2 cents anyway.

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