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Originally Posted by Matt_50 View Post
You guys really push for the s10 swap... I have read up on it a lot and I admit..very tempting.

no, at least that is not what I was intending. what I was trying to say is that there is no free lunch. s10/IFS, both are a lot of damn work but in different ways. I was trying to impress on you that mounting the body is literally one of the easiest parts with either. building cab and running board mounts and modifying the core support is very minor compared to installing a modern driveline and upgrading the pedals, wiring, and other systems. with an IFS you save the sheetmetal mounting but everything else is still 1:1, you still need pedals and a hydraulic system, steering column and wiring harness, engine and trans mounting, rear axle and shocks, lowering components and a gas tank, etc etc etc. if you are able to look at it as the sum of work instead of one component you will see what a small part of it is changing the frame to an s10, there is still everything else to do.

I like taking a known running truck like an s10 with EFI and power brakes and modern driveline and making the old steel fit it. it takes a while and there are challenges, but the running truck is a known quantity, just moving things around to fit.but that is ME, your hill of beans is still a hill of beans and is different in every way, skill, time, space. the doldrums in the middle, where you regard the project honestly as what you have left to do and are overwhelmed by it, thats where all projects are the same.

plenty of argument for both. lots of trucks in either camp on here in the project section, lots of starts with both and very few finishes comparatively. learn from that, steel your nerve and make yourself sure yours will be one that is done.
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