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Crocodile Rocks Build Thread

First let me start by saying that my wife is an Elton John fan. In "Crocodile Rock" there's a line that goes "...had an old gold Chevy and a place of my own." We bought a house in mid 2011 (a place of my own) and two days before Christmas, I bought this "old gold Chevy," so for now that's what I'm calling my build.

It's a 1972 Cheyenne with a 350/auto, short bed, fleet side and 136,xxx original miles. I'm the third owner, and the first two were family members. The PO bought the truck from his nieces father in-law who ordered the truck in 72. He bought it as a project for he and his son. The boy drove the truck for a little while, and they started to tear apart the interior and they sanded/primed the bed sides. The son eventually got into Mustangs (who knows why?), lost interest, and the 72 was moved to the back burner.

For two + years the truck basically sat, getting driven a little here and there by the father. The UPS guy (Billy) where I work told me about the truck when I mentioned that I was looking for a 67-72. After about 2 months the owner told Billy to have me call him. I called, went to see the truck, drove it, slept on it, and made an offer. We quickly came to an agreement, and the Friday before Christmas, I picked her up.

I'm starting this thread a few weeks after I bought the truck, so I'll be updating it with the pictures & descriptions of what I've done so far to get caught up.
Matt Criswell - Lyman, SC

1972 Chevy Cheyenne SWB - Build: Porterbuilt State 1 Front & Rear, Bolt in Notch, McGaughys 2.5 Drop Spindles, Boyd Welding Fuel Tank


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